A New Year Tarot Reading

The new year is a powerful time to consult your Tarot cards – and your intuition – to integrate the lessons of the year that has passed, and prepare for the year ahead. Here’s a simple exercise to help you do just that!


Close your eyes and reflect on 2018. What were some of your biggest wins? And what were some of your biggest wisdoms or lessons? Feel into the overall energy of the year. Then, open your eyes and shuffle your Tarot deck, drawing a card for 2018. Let this card speak to your deeper, spiritual lesson that you learned over the past 12 months, and write down your insights in your journal.


Now, close your eyes again, and this time, envision what you want 2019 to look like. What are your dreams and aspirations? Feel into the energy of your dream year. Then, open your eyes, shuffle your Tarot deck, and draw a card for 2019. Let this card speak to your vision for the year and what you want to manifest or feel in 2019. Write down your insights in your journal, and keep an image of this card in a visible place so you are reminded of your dream year.


Do this simple, yet powerful, activity and create the new you in this new year!