Rulon Gardner

Rulon Gardner grew up in a Mormon family on a Wyoming dairy farm. He is a two-time Olympic Medalist (2000-Gold, 2004-Bronze) in Greco-Roman wrestling. His 2000 Gold Medal match is called “The Miracle on the Mat.” He continues to give motivational speeches for corporations and events (i.e., Roche Pharmaceuticals, Special Olympics Hall of Fame Gala, Behr Paint, USO Navy Tour, etc.) charities, and schools across the country, as well as celebrity appearances at wrestling camps throughout the country. In addition, this year he will be honored at the Gene Autry Courage Awards in March in Phoenix as an athlete who has overcome physical adversity to succeed (also honored will be Bethany Hamilton, surfer whose arm was bitten off by a shark, and Aaron Ralston, climber who cut his arm off after it was trapped by a boulder), NASPE Hall of Fame Award in Chicago and the YMCA Honors (Person of the Year) in Salt Lake City.

Rulon is also the color commentator for the Real Pro Wrestling league on Pax and Fox Sports. Asics released his signature shoe, the “Rulon.” Rulon is the Spokesman for State Games of America and has become an honorary board member for the Sports for Kids Foundation. Rulon has decided to retire from Mixed Martial Arts competition, after his defeat of Yoshida in Japan on New Year’s Eve.He lives in Wellsville, Utah.

Bob Schaller is the author of thirty books, including The State of the Game with Denny Crum, The First Black Quarterback with Marlin Briscoe, and The Top Stars of NASCAR. Schaller is also a contributing editor to Skating, Splash and American Hockey magazines.
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