Forbidden Cocktails

Libations Inspired by the World of Pre-Code Hollywood

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May 7, 2024

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A stunning package for classic film buffs and drinks enthusiasts alike, all the “forbidden” fun of Pre-Code Hollywood and the Prohibition and speakeasy era meet in this stylish cocktail book.
What might Jean Harlow have sipped for Dinner at Eight? What did Barbara Stanwyck take to steel herself in Baby Face? If you’re a classic film fan who’s ever pondered these questions, or are a bartender or at-home entertainer who adores Prohibition-era cocktails, this guide to mixed drinks inspired by Pre-Code Hollywood is essential reading. The stars and stories of the “forbidden” time in moviemaking before strict censorship was enforced and the movies reflected a raucous freedom that would be unseen again for decades take the spotlight in Forbidden Cocktails. With 50 film-and-drink pairings and packaged handsomely with more than 100 full-color and black-and-white photos throughout, this is a practical and stunning homage to a singularly exuberant and evocative era.
Movie-and-cocktail pairings include: The Divorcee / Balanced Account; Hell’s Angels / Platinum Blonde; Dracula / Count Draiquiri; Strangers May Kiss / Stranger’s Kiss; The Public Enemy / Tom Powers; Night Nurse / My Pal Rye; Shanghai Express / Shanghai Lily; Scarface / First Ward; One Way Passage / Passage to Paradise; Trouble in Paradise / Lubitsch Touch; Call Her Savage / Greenwich Village; Sign of the Cross / Naked Moon; Gold Diggers of 1933 / Pettin’ in the Park; Flying Down to Rio / Hotel Hibiscus; It Happened One Night / It Happened One Morning; The Thin Man / Asta