Do you know what the Constitution actually says?
This witty, highly relevant annotation is your go-to guide to how the U.S. government works (or is supposed to work).

Written by political savant Ben Sheehan, and vetted for accuracy by experts in the field of constitutional law, What Does the Constitution Actually Say? is an entertaining and accessible primer on what our Constitution actually lays out.

With clear notes and graphics on everything from presidential powers to Supreme Court nominations to hidden loopholes, Sheehan walks us through the entire Constitution (with a bonus section on the Declaration of Independence). Besides putting the Constitution in modern-day English (so that it can be understood), What Does the Constitution Actually Say? gives you everything you need to be an effective voter and citizen in the November elections and beyond.


"Ben provides a totally fresh departure for thinking about the Constitution for lots of people who don't make a livelihood out of it, but need to understand it. A wonderful, breakthrough book." —Jamie Raskin, U.S. representative and former professor of constitutional law at American University's Washington College of Law
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