Les Marchés Francais

Four Seasons of French Dishes from the Paris Markets

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Apr 18, 2017

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Eat like the French with seasonal, market-focused dishes that taste as fresh and vibrant as Parisian life, no matter where you live!

In France, the best way to start dinner is to consult the market down the street; there, all of the country’s flavors are at your fingertips: the Mediterranean, the French Alps, the Basque regions, and more, without ever leaving your kitchen. Brian DeFehr used the markets as inspiration to create dishes like the following:
  • Pear, Chestnut, and Radicchio salad
  • Braised Quails with Brussels Sprouts and Horseradish
  • Cherry Tomato and Basil Clafoutis
  • Seared Duck Breast and Caramelized Fennel
  • Crè Bruléwith Lavender Infusion, and more!
Each dish is produce-heavy and delivers on that je ne sais quoi that infuses all things French. Brian draws on his background as a chef to create restaurant-caliber flavors with understated prep. Seventy-five dishes will outfit your table in salads, first courses, meat dishes, pastas, soups, and ethereal desserts that are rooted in seasonal tastes. All dishes are gluten-free, though you’d never even know it, and easily adapted to suit whatever seasonal produce is available where you are. Gorgeous photos pepper the whole book, making for a beautiful-and delicious-escape.

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