Very Best Baby Name Book

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Oct 12, 2010

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The Very Best Baby Name Book has 60,000+ names and 300+ helpful lists of names to consider, making it a leading choice for parents-to-be. It also includes several features such as how to throw a baby-name themed shower, outrageous names celebrities have given their babies, fascinating facts about names, and Bruce Lansky’s answers to frequently asked baby-naming questions.

The very best baby name book just got better! Now with more than 60,000 popular and unusual names for boys and girls, this book provides expectant parents with abundant information on names, including origins, meanings, variations, fascinating facts, and famous namesakes. The following helpful features make finding the perfect name for your baby fun and easy:
— “Baby Name Guru” Bruce Lansky provides advice on how to choose a name for your baby and how to customize a popular name
— Popular names from around the world, including thousands of French, English, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, German, Scottish, Welsh, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Scandanavian, Polish, Native American, Hawaiian, African, and Hindi names
— Icons to identify names used for both boys and girls
— Over 5,000 names African-American families often choose for their children
— Over 5,000 names that Hispanic families commonly use
— More than 300 fun lists to help you brainstorm names, including a list of names celebrities are choosing for their children
— Stereotypes of commonly used names
— Plans for a name-the-baby shower by Becky Long, author of Themed Baby Showers

The most useful, helpful, and fun collection of names on the market!

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