Parenting on the Go

Birth to Six, A to Z

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Jul 8, 2014

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Essential parenting advice from one of today’s leading psychologists, at your fingertips.

What is the most treasured resource for families with young children? Time. Between keeping house, shopping, doing chores, and getting everyone to work and school — let alone fitting in family meals, fun activities, and much-needed downtime — being a parent can require major feats of scheduling. While parents don’t always have hours to pore over parenting books, they could use short, to-the-point advice on the challenges they confront every day.

Now, for today’s busy families, child-development expert and bestselling author David Elkind offers Parenting on the Go: an authoritative, accessible guide for parents of infants and young children. Elkind has long been praised for his timely, resonant responses to key child-rearing issues. Here, with characteristic insight and comforting sensibility, he offers practical answers to more than 100 common parenting questions, on topics from A to Z, including:

Attention Deficit Disorders
Back-to-School Blues
Child-Proofing the Computer
Empathy in Children
Manners and Morals
Only Children
Sibling Rivalry
and much more.

Praise for David Elkind

“The Power of Play should be considered one of the primers for good parenting.” — Chicago Parent

“[O]ffers excellent perspectives on children, parents, and culture . . . this powerful book is essential reading.” —
Library Journal on The Hurried Child

“Elkind . . . is a child-study specialist of eminent common sense . . . whom parents would do well to heed.” — Publishers Weekly


Publishers Weekly, 7/7/14
“An astute and easy-to-read abecedary of tips for parenting tots…Elkind is especially attuned to questions about the challenges of parenting that were unheard of a century, or even a generation, ago…This breezy but substantive guide will make a terrific baby shower present and will find a welcome place on many a bedside table.”

Philadelphia Tribune, 7/31/14
"[A] quick, easy guide to kids."

Bookviews, August 2014
“Covers a wide range of subjects and offers solutions to run-of-the-mill concerns as well as the more multifaceted issues…Dr. Elkind gives 500-word answers to more than a hundred of the most common questions parents ask.”

Hudson Valley News, August 2014
“Big issues here, such as the right amount of computer time, (the biggie) ‘bad language,' sibling rivalry, homework issues, manners, you name it.”

Midwest Book Review, September 2014
“This book packs in plenty of facts to over a hundred of the most common questions parents have.”

San Francisco Book Review, 9/5/14
“This is not your average parenting guide…There is plenty of fantastic information to be found here…Elkind's liberal and open approach to many a topic considered taboo is commendable.”
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