World on the Brink

How America Can Beat China in the Race for the Twenty-First Century

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Apr 30, 2024

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The leading national security expert who predicted Putin’s intention to invade Ukraine argues that China’s Xi Jinping is preparing to conquer Taiwan in the coming years—with dire stakes for America and the world if he is not deterred

We are fully in the midst of Cold War II, this time with China. Taiwan is a new West Berlin, a perilous strategic flashpoint where localized events could trigger a devastating war between nuclear powers.
But this outcome is far from inevitable. Laying out the grand strategy for the United States and allies to avoid this fate, the highly respected security analyst Dmitri Alperovitch reveals key actions that could enable America to win the race for the twenty-first century. This sharp, timely book is the essential blueprint for preventing a catastrophe.


“An important book that stands apart from much of the current writing (and posturing) on China by its lack of hype, a clear exploration of the challenge China poses, and practical and well considered policy options… In the upcoming election, regardless of who wins, there will be changes (perhaps wholesale) in the national security team and whoever those people are – they would do well to spend time reading this book.”
  —Cipher Brief
World on the Brink serves as an alarm bell. It successfully highlights aspects of Sino-American competition that have long been overlooked by policymakers — for example, the significance of rare earth metals and critical minerals. Better still, it does so engagingly, which is no mean feat given the technical and hypothetical and jargon-laden way these discussions usually are written about.” —Washington Examiner
"A thorough investigation of 'America’s top foreign policy challenge'...Deeply insightful advice for the coming decades." —Kirkus Reviews
“An urgent, thought-provoking warning about one of the biggest challenges facing America today. A must-read on the most important issue in the world!” —GENERAL DAVID PETRAEUS, US Army (ret.), former director of the CIA
“The stakes of Cold War II could not be greater. Alperovitch, one of our nation’s foremost experts on technology and national security, has skillfully crafted a game plan for freedom to once again be the victor. This is a book that needs to be read by all Americans.” —REP. MIKE GALLAGHER, chairman, Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party
World on the Brink is a clear-eyed analysis of Cold War II and a game plan for winning it. Provocative and insightful, this is essential reading for understanding the American-made world order and the threats it faces.” —CHRIS MILLER, New York Times–bestselling author of Chip War
“Deeply researched and provocative, this is a powerful call to arms for Washington’s policy makers and a must-read for anyone watching global affairs, the twenty-first-century tech sector, and international business.” —GILLIAN TETT, columnist and editorial board, Financial Times
“This is the first book to read if you want to understand the geopolitical landscape, what choices must be made, and how that will impact all of us.” —JAMES LITINSKY, founder, chairman, and CEO of MP Materials
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