The Astronomy Handbook

The Ultimate Guide to Observing and Understanding Stars, Planets, Galaxies, and the Universe

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May 28, 2024

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This essential guide for every amateur astronomer explores the entire universe in one practical, easy-to-use, beginner-friendly handbook.​

The Astronomy Handbook, by award-winning astronomy writer Govert Schilling, is the indispensable, go-to guide to everything you ever wanted or need to know about space, including:
  • the stars and the constellations
  • planets
  • comets
  • eclipses
  • galaxies
  • black holes
  • exoplanets
  • and much more
It also offers an excellent education for every amateur astronomer, including detailed and practical information on how to:
  • locate and track the movements of the constellations throughout the year
  • view the planets and the cosmos
  • select the best equipment to use, including telescopes and cameras
  • photograph objects in space
Schilling provides a fascinating history of astronomy, as well as clear and accessible explanations of binary, variable, and neutron stars; black holes and gamma-ray bursts; the formation and structure of galaxies; dark matter; and extraterrestrial life.The Astronomy Handbook is a primordial soup-to-nuts guide to the cosmos and an essential reference for every student of the universe. 


“An impressively comprehensive bird’s-eye view of a research topic that is both many decades established and yet still at the very cutting edge of astronomy and physics.” —Katie Mack, Wall Street Journal, on The Elephant in the Universe
"A deep dive...a great resource for those who like astronomical history." —GeekDad, on Constellations
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