How Much Is Too Much? [previously published as How Much Is Enough?]

Raising Likeable, Responsible, Respectful Children -- from Toddlers to Teens -- in an Age of Overindulgence

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Jan 7, 2014

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A down-to-earth guide to regaining control of your kids and your family

Overindulgence is not the badge of a bad parent. In fact, it comes directly from having a good and generous heart. But despite our good intentions, the abundance we heap on our kids often becomes more than they need or can handle. Family and parenting experts Jean Illsley Clarke, Connie Dawson, and David Bredehoft help you to understand:

  • How damaging overindulgence can be for children
  • When you are overindulging–and how to stop
  • Which methods work best to establish firm rules and structure
  • How to instill responsibility and independence in your kids
  • What to do when family and friends are overindulging your kids
  • What grandparents can do to help

Based on new research gathered over the past ten years, How Much Is Too Much? gives you the insight and advice you need to put your children on track for a happy and successful life.


Hudson Valley News, 2/26/14
“Learn when you are overindulging, and how to stop.”, 3/13/14
“That the authors focus on the prescriptive rather than simply reciting the results of their research is a significant strength…There are enough ideas here so that if one does not work, it is possible to try another, and then another.”

Mid-Ohio Valley Parent, April 2014
“A helpful resource for parents with all ages of children…A book that can grow with your kids.”

San Francisco Book Review, 4/29/14
“This book is so incredibly relevant in today's culture; every parent would benefit from reading it. Recommended for everyone who has anything to do with children!”

Work & Family Life, May 2014
How Much is Too Much deals with every aspect of overindulgence: what it is, why we do it and how it affects our children—as well as the impact on us as adults if we were overindulged ourselves as a child…This important book will help us learn how this is a threat to the next generation and the ways we can change and do things differently.”, 5/13/14
“An easy-to-understand guide, supported by science, that helps parents and professionals to not only recognize the problem but provides sound advice.”
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