The popular, powerful guide to help parents regain control over a defiant child or teenager, now revised and updated
Occasional clashes between parents and children are not uncommon, but when defiant behavior—including tantrums, resistance to chores, and negativity—becomes chronic, it can cause big problems within the family. In 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child, child and family psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein shares a groundbreaking 10-day program to help parents gain back control over their defiant child or teen. Now, the guide has been updated to address challenges that today's parents face (including new information on the rise of defiant behavior due to Internet addiction, and the effects of stress on family life). This guide explains what causes defiance in kids, why it's so destructive to the family, and shows parents step-by-step how they can end the behavior.

In this updated edition, parents will learn how to face new challenges, including defiance resulting from excessive technology use (even to the point of addiction) and the stress of modern family life. Dr. Bernstein explains what causes defiance in kids and why it's so destructive to the family, then offers parents a step-by-step guide on how to reduce conflict and end upsetting behaviors.

What's Inside

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