Barbie IRL (In Real Life)

Honestly, Same.

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Oct 22, 2024

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Barbie has never been more relatable than in this officially licensed laugh-out-loud book that pairs real-world thoughts with images from the mega-popular @barbiestyle Instagram.

“And then he said it’s just a dog’s birthday party.”
“Dump him.”

Barbie isn’t perfect—far from it. Honestly, she’s just like us. Barbie has bad hair days. She's late to work (that oat latte had nothing to do with it). Nothing is fitting right. She’s also thinking about brunch after yoga. And she’s definitely so over having her job explained to her. Yet, Barbie can still find empowerment and strength through it all. For fans of books like Men to Avoid in Art and Life, Barbie IRL (In Real Life) pairs real-world thoughts and everyday problems with images from the popular and fashionable @barbiestyle Instagram. Beneath perfect Instagram posts and highlight reels, we all have our own insecurities and issues—and this hilarious take on Barbie by humorist Kristen Mulrooney is a much-needed reminder that even the most flawlessly presenting dolls have issues of their own.  

A perfect gift for any Barbie lover or fan of the Barbie film, this book is presented in a perfect pink package, and filled with over 70 images and captions, in addition to 10 tips from Barbie about confidence, workplace, style, travel, and more.