Cocktails with My Cat

Tasty Tipples for Feline Fanatics

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Apr 2, 2024

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Fascinating feline trivia meets easy-to-make drink recipes in this tasty tome dedicated to the fluffiest, sassiest, and most independent household pet—cats!—from bestselling author, award-winning mixologist, and passionate animal advocate, Natalie Bovis.

If there's one thing we know, it's that we can survive anything with a furry friend and a cocktail by our side. Enter Cocktails with My Cat, which combines our devotion to cats with celebratory drinks in this charming, pet-centric cocktail book from Natalie Bovis of The Liquid Muse. Inside you’ll find everything you need to know to set up your home bar and craft 60+ scrumptious cocktails organized into cat-themed chapters, featuring rescue cats, famous furbabies, cocktails for pawlidays throughout the year, and more.

Featured recipes include:
  • Downward Cat
  • Seven Seas and Six Toes
  • Bodega Rebel
  • Kittea Café
  • Cat Gods and Goddesses
  • Bengali Sour
  • Bay Breeze
  • Cat-Man-Do Mornings
  • Lion's Mane
  • Bohemian Catsody
  • Catnip Julep
And more!

Also included is a dose of feline history, gorgeous whimsical illustrations, and toast-worthy quotes about cats throughout. Cocktails with My Cat is the ideal companion for cat lovers and drink enthusiasts alike.

What's Inside

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"Natalie is such a gracious host and is known far and wide for her accomplishments in the cocktail sphere, so it’s no surprise that her passion translates so easily to compassion for her furry friends. Cocktails with My Cat connects inventive tipples with charming stories of feline adventures alongside adorable artwork in a way that’ll have you purring." —Sother Teague, Partner in Overthrow Hospitality, Co-Host of Award-Winning Podcast "The Speakeasy"
“From paw-traits of whimsical whiskered friends to tantalizing sips, Cocktails with My Cat is the cat's meow of literary and liquid delights. A must-read for those who appreciate the finer things, on four paws, or in a glass!” —Dr. Lynn Bahr, DVM, veterinarian, founder of Dezi & Roo, and coauthor of INDOOR CAT
Feline like a drink? You will be! This book is brimming with delicious cocktails and fascinating feline facts, as well as inspurration to create your own kitty's cocktail. Plus, it pairs purrfectly with any cat!” —Laura J. Moss, bestselling author of ADVENTURE CATS and coauthor of INDOOR CAT
"What pairs best with a calico or tortie? Just crack open this spirited blend of cat lore and cocktail delights to find your own new signature drink to savor on the couch or wherever your cat lets you sit." —Francesco Marciuliano, bestselling author of I COULD PEE ON THIS, YOU NEED MORE SLEEP, and ALL CATS ARE INTROVERTS
“As a fellow cocktail book author and cat lover whose nickname is Kitty, I feel a deep kinship to this new offering from 'Liquid Muse' Natalie Bovis. Natalie has been a leading lady on the cocktail scene throughout its 21st century renaissance, who understands that delicious, balanced cocktails are a perfect complement to ALL life’s moments. Natalie has taught us how to raise a glass to The Bubbly Bride, make Preggatinis for moms-to-be, and delight in Drinking with My Dog. This new book is full of fun feline facts, relatable tales about foster fails, and innovative, delicious recipes for enjoying Cocktails with My Cat—which, 90% of the time, is what I would rather be doing.”
  —Kirsten "Kitty" Amann, coauthor of DRINKING LIKE LADIES
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