Rick Steves' Europe 101

History and Art for the Traveler

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Regular Price $24.95

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May 17, 2007

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Now in full-color comes a witty and engaging look at Europe’s history and art, from America’s European travel expert, Rick Steves.

Rick Steves’ Europe 101 helps you make the most of your sightseeing. A fun but informative guide, this “professor in your pocket” features chronologically organized chapters-from the pyramids to Picasso-that explain the forces behind Europe’s most important cultural and artistic periods. Other features include handy lists of sights that allow you to link your newly acquired knowledge with the specific paintings, sculptures, and buildings you’ll see on your trip, a humorous, readable style that is a joy to read compared with the history textbooks you slept on in school, and timelines, maps, drawings, and photos that illustrate Europe’s story and round out your education.