The Metal God, himself, Rob Halford—lead vocalist of Judas Priest and author of the critically acclaimed and reader-beloved autobiography, Confess—delivers yet again, now with the bible of hard rock and heavy metal, all in his enlightening, hilarious, and one-of-a-kind voice.

Rob Halford has long been known for his legendary voice. As the front man of Judas Priest, his vocals have been tremendous, and tremendously influential. In 2020, he brought his voice to the page with a glorious autobiography. Fans and readers loved Halford’s frank and open narrative, as well as his terrific insight and sense of humor. In an ideal follow-up, Halford runs his lively eye over all facets of the hard rock history and the heavy metal world. Biblical is an encyclopedia and manifesto in which Halford shares his opinions, memories, and anecdotes regarding every element of the rock and roll work and lifestyle from tours to tattoos, riffs to riders, and drugs to devil horns. In Halford’s relaxed and honest tone, the book mixes serious and in-depth pieces with whimsical reflections on lessons learned during his fifty years of a life in music. Biblical is a handed-down-from-on-high holy tome that transports fans behind the scenes and back into their record collections, to the almighty ways of rock.


“Aspiring metal gods…will enjoy these sermons from the mic.” —Kirkus Reviews
Praise for Confess
"For nearly half a century, Halford has been the voice of Judas Priest, screaming for vengeance against nonbelievers."
—Rolling Stone
"Raw and searingly moving, Confess will delight metal heads and music fans alike." —GQ
"Confess can't be reduced to a collection of salacious gay encounters, cocaine binges or romanticized rock'n'roll horror stories. It's a cautionary tale that offers redemption through courage and the changing of times. It's a treasure-trove of heavy metal nuggets and anecdotes that any rock-blog dork would lose their mind over. But most importantly, it's a beautiful exploration of the human condition and one man's capacity for love and self-love." —Forbes
“Salacious revelations….The most hotly anticipated hard-rock autobiography of the year, Rob Halford’s Confess is gossipy, good natured, and hilarious, often unintentionally. It’s also gloriously and relentlessly filthy….With a breezy, down-to-earth frankness…Confess is much more personal story than music memoir…Halford is winningly unpretentious and self-deprecating….In its final stretches, Confess becomes a moving meditation on family, friendship, personal growth, and social progress…[a] revealing and entertaining book.” —Classic Rock Review
"[Halford] didn't pull any punches and he didn't leave anything out. I thought that was very courageous...very heartfelt and very real." —Buzz Osborne, Melvins
"Rob Halford led Judas Priest, and heavy metal itself, out of the Midlands and into the bigtime."
—The Guardian
"Deliciously readable...Confess is a warts-and-all rock'n'roll confessional." —Esquire
"A unique and deeply revealing insight into the extraordinary life he has led."
—Metal Talk
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