Gudetama: The Official Cookbook

Recipes for Living a Lazy Life

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Nov 2, 2021

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From Japanese fare to pizza, egg salad, burgers, and tacos, this officially licensed Gudetama cookbook will show you how to feast the lazy way with this collection of craveable comfort recipes inspired by everyone's favorite lazy egg with the can't-be-bothered attitude. Like Gudetama's name — gude gude is Japanese for "lazy" and tama is a shortened version of the Japanese word tamago, meaning "egg" — the inspiration for these recipes is equal parts delicious, lazy, and seriously easy to make.

The Gudetama Cookbook is the perfect combination of easy cooking and a love of lazy living. The recipes in this book are for everyone from novices to experienced home cooks and one look at each recipe's lazy meter will tell you exactly how much effort you'll need to execute each dish. Also included are full-color illustrations of Gudetama and food, fun sidebars, and Gudetama quotes.

Dishes are divided into sections like Barely Awake Breakfasts, Lazy Lunches, Drowsy Dinners, Tired Treats, and Sleepy Sips. Recipes include:
  • Unmotivated Breakfast Sandwich
  • Too Tired Tater Tot Bake
  • Tuckered Out Tamago Sando (Japanese egg salad sandwich)
  • Slow-Paced Short Ribs
  • Maybe I'll Make Meatloaf
  • Stress-Free Strawberry Ice Cream Pie
  • Easygoing Eggnog
    And more!

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