The Cocktail Workshop

An Essential Guide to Classic Drinks and How to Make Them Your Own

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Nov 2, 2021

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From the wildly creative team behind Philadelphia's Art in the Age comes The Cocktail Workshop, a deep-dive into 20 classic drinks that make up the foundation of cocktail creation, and the delicious variations that will make them all your own.

Learn to craft a perfect, classic drink, or workshop that creation into a unique, flavor-forward spin with The Cocktail Workshop, an indispensable guide to foundational cocktails and the tools to elevate them into master-level creations. In this richly illustrated book, the team behind Philadelphia's beloved Art in the Age guides aspiring mixologists through the fundamentals of 20 essential cocktails. Then, each foundational drink is spun off into creative and customizable riffs on flavors, techniques, and ingredients, called Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master versions. Each classic drink is concluded by a Workshop: how to take your at-home bar efforts to the next level with aging, infusing, garnishing, and more.

Drawing on the building blocks of iconic cocktails like the daiquiri and the old-fashioned, readers will grow their knowledge base as they move through each drink, taking away real skills for their home bar — like the proper way to dry-shake an egg white cocktail or carve a manicured lime twist — and an understanding of the fundamentals of cocktailing: how drinks are created, related, and integrated.

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The student becomes the barmaster in this fun, easy-to-follow tutorial. —Publisher's Weekly, Publisher's Weekly
"...the clarity and spiffy organization of The Cocktail Workshop caught my attention and didn't let it go." —Susannah Felts, BookPage
...with The Cocktail Workshop, featuring cocktail recipes from Lee Noble, Lead Mixologist at Art in the Age, amateur bartenders and seasoned industry pros alike can ramp up their skills with in-depth instruction spanning not only cocktail-making fundamentals, but also high-level extras. —, Spirited Zine
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