The Meals to Heal Cookbook

150 Easy, Nutritionally Balanced Recipes to Nourish You during Your Fight with Cancer

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Apr 12, 2016

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Nutrition is a vital component of anyone’s fight against cancer, but loss of appetite and side effects of treatment can make even the simple act of eating a challenge. Written to meet the unique needs of cancer patients and caregivers, The Meals to Heal Cookbook offers 150 recipes to make eating less stressful, more convenient, and simply more enjoyable. Created by oncology-credentialed registered dietitians, these delicious, nourishing, easy-to-prepare dishes are full of the nutrients you need to maintain strength during treatment. Loaded with essential nutrition info and recipes coded by common symptoms and side effects (including fatigue, nausea, digestive issues, mouth sores, taste and smell aversion, and others).

What's Inside

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Praise, 5/9/16
“[The] nutrient-packed recipes [are] perfect for those looking to regain control of their bodies and boost their overall health. Designed for those suffering from chemotherapy or radiation treatments, this cookbook provides easy-to-cook recipes for those experiencing some of cancer's harsh side effects. We were so inspired by the detail put into this cookbook…Whether you or someone you know is fighting the big C, or you just want access to simple, yet super wholesome recipes, The Meals To Heal Cookbook is for you.

Sand and Succotash, 5/23/16
If you are on a cancer treatment path that includes chemo, then this is the perfect book to have in the kitchen…real world, wholesome recipes that provide nutrients making you stronger –and presented in a way that tackles your side effects and manages your symptoms. Highly recommended read.

Atlanta Journal Constitution, 5/25/16
“This book shares healthy, easy to prepare recipes that not only taste delicious but also mitigate the many side effects of cancer treatment. Recipes are organized by meal as well as by side effect, allowing you to easily find meals suited to your particular health needs.”
Praise for The Meals to Heal Cookbook

Myrtle Beach Sun News, 4/5/16
The organization of the recipes demonstrates the brilliance of the book and the authors' commitment to making it a useful tool. The recipes are set out in a standard way, by breakfast, lunch bowls entrees and the like. However, it is the two recipe indices that make the book really useful, listing the recipes by side effects and by symptoms…This is definitely a book to consider as a gift for anyone who has cancer, is recovering from cancer, or who is caring for someone suffering from this disease.

Gratitude Gourmet, 4/18/16
The Meals to Heal Cookbook shares healthy, easy to prepare recipes that not only taste delicious but also mitigate the many side effects of cancer treatment…[It] is a go-to resource addressing all of the major food, cooking, and nutrition questions asked by patients and caregivers in a straightforward, accessible, and supportive manner.
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