Get Ready for School: Cursive

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May 30, 2017

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128 Pages




Perfect for rising second and third grade students, Get Ready for School: Cursive will teach children to write in script, ensuring a lifetime of flowing, clear communication. Each spiral-bound book includes a wipe-away practice surface and a dri-erase pen so your child has tons of space to practice their newfound skills.

The benefits of learning cursive writing are myriad, including allowing children to write more quickly and efficiently because each letter is formed without taking the pencil off the paper, while also stimulating brain development. With its reusable wipe-clean surface and dri-erase pen, Get Ready for School: Cursive provides hundreds of activity pages and space for tons of fun.

The full-color practice pages include the following educational activities:
  • tracing upper- and lowercase letters with directional arrows for
  • tracing numbers and number words
  • tracing days of the week and months of the year
  • practicing a child’s personal signature, and tracing famous signatures
  • reproducing famous quotes
  • writing narratives using personal experience and growing abilities

Perfect for second and third graders, this 128-page workbook is chock-full of fun activities that will reinforce your child’s love of learning and language.