Leading from Purpose

Clarity and the Confidence to Act When It Matters Most

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Jun 5, 2018

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Drawing on ten years of experience working with more than 10,000 executives from companies around the globe, Nick Craig takes you on a revelatory journey to understand your purpose, find clarity and focus, and lead with inspiration.

When uncovered, purpose becomes our most fundamental guiding principle. Explaining where true purpose lies and demystifying where it doesn’t, Craig offers the methods through which anyone can find their purpose. He identifies three pathways that will assess where you are with your purpose and where you should be going.

Illustrated by case studies of leaders from all walks of life and industries, Craig shares their unique stories to show how top leaders are energized by their purpose, finding in it the confidence they need to properly evaluate high-stakes decisions and take the optimal action. The best leaders access their purpose especially when facing the unknown, drawing on the source of it to energize themselves. Purpose also redefines their relationships to stress, allowing them to thrive where others just survived, and to postpone momentary, fleeting rewards in favor of leaving a sustained, meaningful impact.

Accessible, methodical, and eminently practical, Leading from Purpose offers the comprehensive toolbox with which everyone — whether a c-suite executive of behind-the-scenes office worker — can live out their purpose and achieve success on their own terms.

If you find yourself in an organization that is struggling to live its purpose, Craig’s insights on how to bring your purpose and the organization’s purpose into the same room at the same time is game-changing and will redefine your life and career.

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One of Girl Boss' "Career Advice Books That'll Help Light a Fire Under Your A**"
"Caution: This is a book about purpose. Do this work and it will change the way you live, love, parent, and lead. However, you will not be able to forget, block, or unlearn your purpose, and trying to walk away from the reason you're here on this earth may cause anxiety, resentment, confusion, self-doubt, and persistent, low-grade feelings of 'what in the hell am I doing?' Once you live your purpose, you can't unlive it."
Brene Brown, New York Times bestselling author of The Gifts of Imperfection, from the foreword
"Nothing is more at the core of what you need to lead in today's disruptive world than Nick's work on purpose. Working with Nick dramatically changed my professional path and I can't imagine leading Ben & Jerry's without it."—JosteinSolheim, CEO Ben & Jerry's
"Powerful things happen when people are connected to purpose. This book shows why and how. Nick Craig uses his wise insights and his well-honed gift of storytelling to teach and inspire us. Leading From Purpose is at once a road map and a revelation destined to become a classic in the purpose movement."—Richard Leider, author of The Power of Purpose,Repacking Your Bags, and Life Reimagined
"Nick Craig is on fire and the fire has driven him across the bridge of convention to the realm of sacred conversation and deep learning. In that realm, he has helped thousands to find their purpose, or unique gift. Now he returns with deeply synthesized insights. This book will turn the thousands into millions. If you want to know who you really are or what your organization is meant to do, this is a must read."—Robert E Quinn, Professor Emeritusof Management and Organizations at the University of Michigan, co-director ofthe Center for Positive Organizations
"After twenty-five years of corporate life coupled with a myriad of learning and development opportunities, I knew there was an underlying driver but could not put my finger on it--that is, until I explored with Nick his work around Purpose. Nick helped me to distil a life full of experiences into my underlying purpose. Since then, my purpose has acted as a guiding light, to help me centre and ground myself to lead effectively when it's needed most. Connecting with my purpose is always a source of inspiration and energy!"—Loren Shuster, Chief People Officer, LEGO
"Nick Craig's breakthrough book, Leading from Purpose, will transform your life, as you discover your authentic purpose. With his depth of understanding, brilliant insights, and powerful examples, Craig enables you to find the deeper meaning of your life so you can make a lasting impact on the world around you."—Bill George, bestselling author of Discover Your TrueNorth, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, and former Chair &CEO of Medtronic
"Leadership--useful, generous, humble leadership--is our most urgent need today. Nick Craig shares his wisdom on how each of us can make a difference, starting now."—Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author of Linchpin
"An important contribution to the debate and a powerful reminder that purpose isn't just an abstract concept, but ties directly to deeper relationships, more effective leadership--and ultimately to stronger, more cohesive and more successful organizations."—Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever
"For leaders to navigate this complex world and make ethical decisions with speed, they need resilience and direction. Craig''s work enables leaders to realize their true purpose and tap into energy and vision they didn't realize they had. The results? Leaders who are equipt to lead themselves, others and their organizations, even in the toughest of environments."—Selina Millstam, VP & Global Head ofTalent Management, Ericsson
"Nick Craig has mastered the practice on how to unveil a Purposeful Leadership across diverse cultures and organizations. Nick shares his insights and experiences in a pragmatic way to help readers articulate their purpose and unlock powerful sources of energy, compassion, fulfillment and transformational resilience that our society and businesses need to thrive today."—"Pepe" Velasquez, EVP, HR, MAPFRE USA
"I have always spent time thinking about what I as a human being wanted to achieve in my life and career. Articulating my own purpose has not been a process of invention, but a process of discovery, and working with Nick Craig helped put the various pieces together. Having discovered my own purpose has really enhanced my impact as a leader."—RalphHamers CEO, ING Bank
"How do you unleash the fullest potential of individuals and teams without knowing their super powers? The simple answer is--you can't. Nick Craig masters the balance of art and science in his new book, effortlessly coaxing all of us to answer the biggest question of them all - why? Only when we answer this question can we hold ourselves accountable for standing in our purpose, revealing the truest and most impactful version of ourselves and our teams."—Stacey Tank, VP Corporate Communications & External Affairs, Home Depot
"If you have been asking yourself the timeless question: 'Am I truly living the meaningful life I was meant to lead?', Nick Craig's wisdom and understanding renders the answer crystal clear. For those in search of fulfillment, he guides you on a journey of self-discovery to realize your life's purpose so you may better lead."—Dana H. Born, USAF Brigadier General (ret.), Senior Executive Fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
"Some say it takes up to 10,000 hours to master a skill. Fortunately, Nick Craig has done the hard work for us. I have been privileged to watch Nick up close as he has helped thousands of people discover their purpose over the past ten years. In this book, he shares with us those hard-won lessons of experience so that we too might find ourselves. Listen closely, because Nick Craig is truly the Master of Purpose."—Scott A. Snook, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
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