Rick Steves' European Christmas

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Nov 8, 2011

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From England to Norway, Burgundy to Bavaria, and Rome to the top of the Swiss Alps, Rick Steves’ European Christmas gets you a seat at the family feast, up in the loft with the finest choirs, and into the kitchen with grandma and her best-kept holiday secrets. With enchanting photos and more than a dozen recipes, this great gift book captures the spirit of the season perfectly.

Rick Steves’ European Christmas includes the following video segments:

Rick Steves reads the Biblical Christmas Story
Bath Bach Choir sings the Twelve Days of Christmas
Bath Abbey Choir of Boys and Men
Norwegian Girls Choir sings Carol of the Bells
Santa Lucia Day in Norway
Medieval Music in Burgundy
Phonema Faisons Rejouissance Noel traditionnel
Christmas Carols in Germany
Wilhelm-Loehe School Choir Da pacem Domine
Rick Steves interviews the Christkind
Concert in Cathedral, Salzburg
Silent Night
Shepherd Carols in Tuscany
Explanation of Nativity Scenes
Presepi Manger Scenes
Pope John Paul II, Final Christmas Midnight Mass
Sacred Music of Monks
Merry Christmas
Norwegian Girls Choir sings Joy to the World
Christmas Eve Around the World